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I'd like to purchase easyprofile but I need a feature.

I am running a recruitment web site, already a recruitment component installed. The registered users can change their resumes via this recruitment component.

I want joomla profile page more detailed. Easyprofile gives it very well. But I want to add custom fields that can be edited and seen by the superusers only. I dont even want it be seen by users theirselves.

The only superuser will see it. I want this feature becasue I'll store some other information on this field like references of the user, comments on users etc.

Is this possible? Is there a way to do it?

Thank you
Basar Hantal
admin Accepted Answer
sorry for late reply and thanks for your interest.

Edit Fields
This can be done with different ways but I don't know if it met your requirements, for example Fields can be only available in backend: you can set the field to not be available in profile/registration/edit profile pages but only available in backend. Also you can still have fields available in frontend form only for admins by enabling Easy Profile's option called "Admins can show not editable fields in frontend".

See Fields in profile page
Unfortunately there is not a native way to show fields in profile page only for admins, the parameter called "Visible for" does not avoid to user to see own fields. Anyway there is some workaround:
1) Template override
2) Add fields in a module available only for Admins (this is possible only with our Content Plugin available in Paid versions)
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