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  3. Saturday, November 21 2020, 06:21 PM
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I am very interested to buy Easy Profile for two reasons :
- the own Custom Fields
- and also the Social Login (what you call Social Connect)

But I am confused as in your doc, on your screenshots and even to login on your website, it is always the Logo and Name of "Google Plus" and not simply "Google" which is mentioned.
But Google plus does not exist any more...
Does it also work with Google ?

This page also speaks about "Google+ API" :

Second question : when people connect with Facebook / Twitter / Google / ..., what do you have as information in the User Management ?
- Name ?
- Email ?
- other things ?
Can you example also ask them for Address ??

Txs a lot for your clarifications :)

Your extension is often mentioned on (where I am moderator btw).

Accepted Answer
admin Accepted Answer
Google login works also without Google+, from documentation you just need to skip the step 2. And of course we need to update documentation and login button :D

Second question : when people connect with Facebook / Twitter / Google / ..., what do you have as information in the User Management ?
The fields are only Firstname, Second Name, Lastname (if it is splitted by Social provider), Avatar and Email (Twitter and instagram never share email address, so the user need to be fill it in another step).
woluweb Accepted Answer
I have just bought your extension :)
woluweb Accepted Answer
Mmmh, by the way: I don't find any invoice in my mails nor on
Have I missed something or will it be generated automatically a bit later ?
admin Accepted Answer
please post me your company details (included VAT number), we will send you your invoice :)
woluweb Accepted Answer
Woluweb | Marc Dechèvre
67 rue Saint-Lambert | 1200 Woluwé Saint-Lambert (Belgium)
VAT BE0847 301 532

By the way, I am a bit confused bc I created an Easy Profile Menu Item and I published an Easy Profile Login Module... but on that module it is the full Login page which appears, not just some Login Module.

Have I already missed something ?
admin Accepted Answer
Easy Profile extends Joomla user management (not replace it), so the module is the same of Joomla (Easy Profile does not have a login module).

If you refer to register/edit profile module then probably it happen because in your Joomla the user registration is not allowed, if it is so then you can enable it from Joomla Administration->Users->Manage->Options
woluweb Accepted Answer
Good! Indeed User Registration was not allowed (one of the admins had disallowed it after the last edition of the event).
I continue to discover the extension :) My primary goal is to allow Google and Facebook connect.

Txs again for your kind help.
admin Accepted Answer
here your invoice :)
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