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Hello. Let me first thank you for your amazing product - we have been using easyprofile for a while now and are very impressed with its performance.

We now have a client that needs something more advanced and your Support forum/blog didn't show any such queries. I would kindly like to ask you if you can tell me if the below functionality can at all be reached using easyprofile and if so - how.

Each user (they are translators) in a database has a different set of working languages defined in their profile (we use selectlist multiple items for this so far). The languages are set into 3 categories: A, B, and C. The relationship between them is (in real life): A > B, B > A, C > A (but not C > B).

So, if e.g. a person translates from English (A) into German (B), this person also translates in a reverse direction (B > A). But if a person has a C language (e.g. Italian), they only translate from Italian into their A languages (e.g. English: C > A).

In my Search menu/module, I wish to display only search 2 fields: "Source language" and "Target language". Namely, this is the only way that a client searching for a translator will not get totally confused. Is there a way to set conditions/fields in such a way that when using Search (Users List (Table)) module/menu item), a filter would only display translators that match their criteria.

E.g.: A translators languages are: A (English), B (German, Spanish), C (Italian). A and B languages can be source and target but C can only be source for target language(s) A. We tried many options so far in your component but were unable to find a solution. If we separate languages in only 2 categories, we loose the exclusivity of the language C (C > A and not to B).

If I was in anyway unclear, please do not hesitate to ask for further clarifications. We would be vary happy if this could be done with your component.

Thank you very much for your support and ideas on this topic.

Kind regards,
Kreatik team

P.s.: we use the latest version of Joomla! and easyprofile.
admin Accepted Answer
thanks for contacting us.

I understand your purpose, but I need to have some other infos (I would like to see how the fields are organized in a concrete way)

so, can you please post me your site details to see it (just frontend access) ?
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admin Accepted Answer
Missing a tip :D

To send details and keep its private you can use the form below the reply in "Site Details" tab
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kreatik-podjetje Accepted Answer
You will now see that there are 3 options: Language A, B, and C. I would like to change that to "input" and "output" language.

Also, is it possible (and how) to translate Format name in the Search form (same page) - it now says Name (first search item) even though I have edited the "Name" field. How can I change "Format name" field title. Thanks.
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kreatik-podjetje Accepted Answer
Dear Admin, sorry for not reaching back to you, we had another problem to solve and simply found another solution for this client at the time. We are now back at this project and require your support.

Bellow, I will refer to users as system users and clients as a person who is using the webpage/form to search the user database.

To summarize again:

1) I need to create a search form where on the FRONTEND, clients could select ONLY ONE value of the items from each list but in the BACKEND, admins need to have an option to add multiple values to any user (e.g.: a client may only select translation > from English to German BUT at the backend, users have all fields filled in (interpretation, translation, other services and all corresponding languages)).

2) Trying to avoid the need to enter all possible languages into the field "Options Select Field" as well as to display all languages in the search form, I was wondering if it was possible to create a database of all languages and then call them into the component so that admin could assign ANY language to users but clients would only see a dropdown of those languages that were in fact assigned to users - so that if no user had "Klingon" defined their profile, but the language was on the list, the client would not see this option on in the selector at all.

3) In relation to Item 2) above - would it be possible to only display corresponding available languages (values) in the second selector in a dependency to the first selector. What I mean is that if a client selects service: translation from language English, the selector "to language" would only display those values that were assigned to users that have the value English defined in the first selector field. This is how we could prevent the "no results" scenario.

In order to prepare the project and to see if all this is possible (and how), I have prepared a testing environment and am sending you all the details.
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admin Accepted Answer
1) so, you need to have the search form with single value select? if yes then you can do this by adding following Javascript code to your template:
jQuery('.jsn_search select').prepend('<option value=""></option>');
jQuery('.jsn_search select').chosen('destroy');
jQuery('.jsn_search select').removeAttr('multiple');
jQuery('.jsn_search select').chosen();
NOTE: if you use protostar template then you can add custom JS code in a file called /templates/protostar/js/user.js (create it first)

2) You can retrieve options from DB for select field type, these options are available below "Options Select Field" parameter.
You can also filter values based on value from another field, for example fields like country, region, city
Anyway I'm sorry but I does not understand well your needs.

3) Sorry this is not possible.
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