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I have a couple of issues I need help with, please!
The site has 2 usergroups. The Mentees will ask to connect the Mentors.

Firstly email and contact
1. The contact by email button is not working - see screenshot What am I doing wrong?!
2. Is it possible for the site admin to receive a copy of contact emails - or do I need to install a contact component to sort this?
3. Is it possible to limit contact by email to 5 people?

1. The search isn't working. Again it is probably my configuration, but please help!
2. Is it possible to limit a search to produce only 5 results (Mentors)

Lots of questions, sorry. I love this tool but I am struggling as I have limited competence with MYSQL, I suspect
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to solve this issue I have created an template override (basically I have created file at /templates/rt_galatea/html/com_jsn/profile/default.php) that force to redirect to Contact menu item.

Anyway we will investigate about this issue and maybe we are able to create a fix in next release.
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admin Accepted Answer
Hi Sue,
Email and contact
Keep in mind that "Email" button is an integration with Joomla contacts so the features of this component are not managed by Easy Profile.

1) This happen because you have not a menu item of type Contacts->List All Contact Categories (or something else related to contact component). Without this menu item then Joomla redirect contact page to default menu item (Home Page) and your template does not show Component section in the Home Page

2) and 3) I think not :(


1) this happen because there is a wrong value for Custom SQL Where parameter. now you have
user_id NOT IN (userid362,userid319.)
but correct is
user_id NOT IN (362,319)

2) yes, you can set following parameter in "GMN Mentors" menu items:
- Pagination: Hide
- # Articles to List: 5

Lots of questions, sorry. I love this tool but I am struggling as I have limited competence with MYSQL, I suspect
No problem, you are welcome :D
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Queenielass Accepted Answer
Hi and thanks for your help.

I have tried adding a menu item Contacts->List All Contact Categories and List Contacts in a Category but the button link is still defaulting to Home Page.
Because this menu displays all members, I tried to contact using the member link. The email went to the main email admin address instead of the member :(

Ideally, I would like this menu item to be in the hidden-menu as I don't want members accessing ALL members in this way.
Please can you have another look?
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Queenielass Accepted Answer
Many thanks. This has worked nicely. :)
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