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  3. Thursday, June 11 2020, 01:22 PM
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Hello. My site uses Joomla, Moodle (a learning management system), Joomdle (connects and maps Joomla and Moodle), and Hikashop (shopping cart). They all use the user fields.
1. users often forget their username or think it is their email address
2. users often only input their first name and not last name which does not allow their Joomla registration to map to Moodle

Currently for:
1. Login Type we are using username
2. Name Style we use Only Name and for Display Format Name we use Format Name
The name field is Full Name where the use should type in both their first and last name.

What would be the best solution to our 2 issues?
If I switch Login Type to username or email and Name Style to First Name and Last Name will it solve the issue and will it break the current users' profiles in any of the systems?

If I switch to Name Style to First Name and Last Name do I revise my Full Name field or create two name fields one for first and one for last?

Thank you,
admin Accepted Answer
unfortunately we have not experience with moodle, anyway:

1) You can try to configure Easy Profile to use "Only email" or "Username and Email" to make a login. The login process is managed by Joomla (not Easy Profile). Easy Profile uses an Authentication plugin, so it is perfectly integrated in Joomla.

2) I think you can configure Format Name as you want. If missing Last name then Easy Profile will show the Joomla name. Also when you fill Firstname and Lastname then Easy Profile will sync the full name with Joomla (so probably also Moodle)
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rayjbarrett Accepted Answer
We have been using "Only Name" for Core Feilds - Name Style.
When we switched to First Name/Last Name (on our staging site) the full name shows in the First Name field in Joomla and there is no last name.
Is there a way to switch from "Only Name" to "First Name/Last Name" and not impact the current user's First and Last name fields in Joomla?
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admin Accepted Answer
Sorry but this is not possible. an automatically split of the name can create some problems:
- Users may have entered their first and last name in a different format (last before/after first name)
- Users can have a name with more than one word
- Users can have only a name

If you enable the option "Force compilation of required fields" from Easy Profile options then each users, after the login, is forced to fill Last name
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