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1 / I have multiple duplicates (see image). how to remove them?
2 / I inserted the translation into French (found in another post of the forum) but I do not see it applied either at the front end or the back end? how to do ? If you could integrate it natively, it would be great!
3 / social network. I want to hide most tabs (videos, photos, calendar).
I have not seen a parameter in the plugin! How to hide them? more generally, how to make another presentation template?
4 / send request does not end when I send a message to become friend
5 / what interest or difference between a group joomla and social network group creates in the back office or on the front-end? there is no group management in the back office?
6 / files and group? Is there a way to link files (eg pdf) to a group
7 / how to join a member in a private group according to his choice in the form of editing his profile?
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admin Accepted Answer
1) this is a bug, we found it only some days ago and it happen only in some environment. Now we have released the new version that should fix it. Please download and install it ;)

2) Here a doc to translate the plugin:
Maybe you have found translation of Easy Profile component (not Social Network plugin), instead if you have found correct translation than probably you need to clean plugin cache before see it (in the docs you can find the way to clean the cache)

3) To disable these parts follow these steps:
- Go into Admin Panel (see how at
- In the left menu go to Plugins Manager
- Disable plugins

4) Have you created a menu item of type Easy Profile->Social Network? if yes then we need to check your site; to do this will be very helpful your site details (you can use the form below the reply in "Site Details" tab)

5) Sorry but I not understand well, can you explain me better? :(

6) You can add attachments in Topics, and Groups allow you to create Group Topics

7) Sorry but for now this is not possible natively. Have you some PHP knowledges? if yes then I can point you to the right direction to create a plugin that make this.
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HDcms Accepted Answer
Thank you for your prompt response :)

1 / duplicates:
I am with version 2.5.6. I give access for verification

2 / French translation
Oh disappointment :( , I thought everything was translated!

3 / social network
strange that the entire administration of the social network is on the front-end side. I will try to adapt!
There are user role (site manager) different from Joomla ACLs?
The most important thing would be to make (suggestion) to have the possibility of integrating 100% into a free or paid template.
We could use the menus of Joomla to place what we want (groups, blog ...) and the modules of this same theme.
All your presentation is focused on full integration with Joomla's features (it's great, it's unique and important to me). I hope that with Joomla 4 you will also be 100% compatible with Joomla themes

4 / yes, see on the website to become friends with another member

6 / suggestion to make a plugin for the network for the publication of files linked to a group

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admin Accepted Answer
1) We mean version of Social Network Plugin, the latest version is 1.1.7

3) Social Network is a simple plugin, it is not a complex component.
Frontend Admin & User Roles:
the concept is to allow to all moderators/admins to see a easy interface to manage behaviors, without knowledges of Joomla backend. Users roles are only related to Social Network plugin and they is not related to Joomla Usergroups
if you have some problem with your template we can help you to add some CSS rule that fix it ;)
Integration with Joomla's features
Easy Profile is so, it extends Joomla user management (not replace), so registration and edit profile pages are the same of Joomla with many improvements
Joomla 4
Of course we will work to make our products compatible with Joomla 4, but for now Joomla 4 development is in a early stage (Alpha3). Probably to have a stable release you need to wait many months. Anyway we will provide nighty build versions for J4 after release of J4 RC1.

4) Probably you need to set correct email settings from Frontend Admin Panel -> System Settings -> Mail Settings section

6) We will add this in our TODO list
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HDcms Accepted Answer
1 / Ok thanks it works. not compatible with joomla update?

3 / Thanks :-) but it's a bit complicated. No !? This is to postpone your menu in the main menu of Joomla and deport your modules in the modules of the theme.
That's why I suggested that when you release Joomla 4, you have a new template (compatible template joomla 4) for your clients. This could be an additional paying product :-)

6/ thanks
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admin Accepted Answer
sorry for late reply.

1) Yes normally we change our update servers in a couple of days after release

3) I agree with you, in future we will improve it.
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