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Are you preparing something to support GDPR compliance?.

(GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, read more about it on the official site

Something of your own or integration with other party extensions (Joomlart, J!Extensions, etc.).
admin Accepted Answer
sorry for late reply, it was night for us.

About GDPR, this is not something that regards our products. We offer a instrument that allow you to expand Joomla registration form by adding custom fields, it allow also to share informations about users (Users List).

Of course "what information to ask" and/or "what information to share" in the lists is something we are not responsible for, but in accordance with "the data you want to collect", "the use you want to make" and the "the storage where you want to put" (for example server location) then this is a prerogative of your company that will have to comply with the new GDPR guidelines.

We are preparing something? Nope, this is not something that regards only Joomla, Extensions or Websites, this is something that regards your company. Something about GDPR practices:
- Protect customers' personal data from unauthorized access (Breach)
- Instruct all employees on the new legislation
- Adopt an appropriate governance and data protection policy proportional to the risk in the case of Breach
- Introduce the figure of the DPO (Data Protection Officer)
- Provide technological tools necessary to monitor and prevent cyber attacks
There things are not something that you can do with a simple Joomla tool.
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hdoeve Accepted Answer
Thanks for your response, but the new GDPR (effective next month) is not just about what to ask or share. It also requires the website owner to provide one click methods to:
- show a single list containing all information related to the user that is stored by the website (e.g. accounts, webshop/forum/comments/profile/tracking/what-ever)
- edit or delete that information
- delete account and all user related information.

In order to provide those one click / single list functions others a preparing or all ready offering extensions, including hooks for other parties (like you) to be included in these one click /single list functions.

Please check the mentioned parties as an example and note that Virtuemart, J2Store, Kunena, JomSocial and others are allready joining the bandwagon.
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admin Accepted Answer
Sorry but I've never heard of "one click" actions about GDPR.

Anyway Easy Profile extends Joomla user management (not replace) so show/edit/delete informations are functions inherited by Joomla.
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onderzoekspraktijk Accepted Answer
You are both right and actions on both areas are necessary.

On the "one click area" two discussions on Github seem relevant:

There is a recent discussion about the more general implications of GDPR for joomla sites: make the core compliant and set a standard for 3rd party extension developers.
You can find it here:

Also there is a privacy policy plugin in the making that realises some changes to get Joomla more GDPR compliant.
You can find it here:

Its described purpose is:
" (....) This plugin will enable site owners to comply with many of the aims of the GDPR - by gaining the consent of their users to store personal information.

It does not do any form of deletion - that is far too complex an issue for any single plugin to achieve and the rules on deletion are not universal due to individual state laws on data retention for tax and legal purposes.

When enabled the plugin adds a new required field (Privacy Policy) to the user registration form. This field can optionally have a link to the full privacy article on the site AND this can be associated with the privacy article in other languages.

In addition a Short Summary of the Privacy policy is displayed on the form and if not created in the config a default will be used. (not implemented yet). This satisfies another GDPR requirement

When a user registers they cannot complete the registration unless they agree to the privacy policy. This field is set to No by default and cannot be changed. This satisfies another GDPR requirement

When they register a note is created in the user_notes table to show when they gave consent - this satisfies another GDPR requirement.

Any existing user who tries to login will be redirected to the edit profile page so that they can consent before continuing. The message displayed on redirect can be customised in the options or a default will be used.

The consent field does not appear in the admin user screens as you cannot consent for anyone else. This satisfies another GDPR requirement. But it does appear on your own profile page.

Finally a post installation message has been included."";

Both interesting developments, and surely relevant for easyprofile users and its developer.

Best regards,
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hdoeve Accepted Answer
Here's an example of what Joomla webdesigners will / might need:

And this is the functionality they are offering:

End user self-service
- With PixGDPR, your users will have access to the following services when logged in to your website:
- Requesting an instant Forget me! via the click of a button
- Download a sheet containing all their user related data, generated on the fly

I'am also looking at:

The reason I want you to look at them and hook-in is my extensive use of Easy Profile customfields on three sites and one upcoming.
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