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I have considerably extended the Joomla profile using Easy profile for our association members

I have a field in there called specialised services offered and it is a checkbox field with multiple options available

These are the options

Adaptable and Universal Housing
Adaptive technology/furniture/equipment
Aged care facilities/seniors housing
Alternative print formats and Braille services
DDA/Disability Action Plans/DDA law
Educational facilities
Ergonomics and OHS
Expert witness
Government policy
Government and institutional facilities
Health and medical facilities
Hearing augmentation/assistive listening/related products/services
Home modifications and independent living equipment
Hospitality facilities (hotels/motels/restaurants)
Landscaping/pedestrian accessways/street furniture
National parks
Orientation and Mobility (people with vision impairment)
Policy development
Research and testing
Signage and wayfinding
Tactile ground surface indicators
Tourism and Recreational facilities/services/products
Transport and infrastructure
Vehicle Adaptations/equipment

It is saving for some people using a few options but not for others who are using multiple options.

Is my field too long if there are lots of options chosen (are we exceeding a character limit for checkbox fields or is something else stopping it saving

I currently have this field only showing for administrators and above

The page requires members to be logged in to access

I thought I entered this as a private post yesterday but I cannot find it in my list of posts. If I sent it twice, I apologise.

Please assist

admin Accepted Answer
yes you have right, for each field Easy Profile create a column in DB table called #__jsn_users. The column have a specific dimension, so many long options will be not valid.

to solve this you have 2 options:
1) Increase DB column with some tool like phpMyAdmin (column have same name of the field's alias), you should change it from 255 to 1024 for example

2) Decrease the length of each option for example:
1|Adaptable and Universal Housing
2|Adaptive technology/furniture/equipment
4|Aged care facilities/seniors housing
with this in DB table are stored only values (1,2,3...) instead long description

Why this limit?
This is due to the Mysql hard limit, in the normal configuration it allow a table with max-length of 65000, so the sum of length of all columns can not exceed this limit. So Easy Profile set 255 as default for checkbox columns.
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witchypaws Accepted Answer

Thanks for explaining

If I format them like this

1|Adaptable and Universal Housing
2|Adaptive technology/furniture/equipment
4|Aged care facilities/seniors housing

Will the long description show on the front end when they are looking at their profile and in the directory listing we are generating for the public to look


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admin Accepted Answer
yes, with this way you have another advantage, when you change a title then the value will remain stored in the profile, for example if you want to change title from "Aged care facilities/seniors housing" to "Aged care facilities or seniors housing" the value remain 4
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witchypaws Accepted Answer
Thanks for this

One more question.

If I change some fields now (that are working) to the format above, will that affect the data in there already

In other words, should I export the table first, update the data to the new options and then reimport the data into the table. I don't want to lose anyone's records

Or can you suggest a better way to do it in mysql or easy profile


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admin Accepted Answer
data of users will be updated only when user update his profile.

I will explain you with an example:

Before edit the field
I have these options:
opt1|Option 1
opt2|Option 2

If user choose both options then in DB are store the 2 values "opt1" and "opt2"

After edit the field - Case 1
I have these options:
opt1|Option A
opt2|Option B

The user still have in DB values "opt1" and "opt2", so in the profile you will see same options with new Labels

After edit the field - Case 2
I have these options:
opt2|Option 2
opt3|Option 3

The user still have in DB values "opt1" and "opt2", but "opt1" is not more a option, so in the profile you will see the option he has chosen is only "opt2" (opt1 in DB will be ignored)
After the user update his profile then in DB will are stored only new options "opt1" in DB will be removed
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