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I have fears with the invite friends function if this network scales up. I already had the first SPAM bot on my network which got through the reChapta and registered a user automatically and repeatedly. The SPAM bot user is blocked manually and the domain that was used to register the users is blocked as well. I feel that it is only a matter of time until those SPAM bots learn how to send SPAM e-mails with the invite friends function from the e-mail adress through my network. I would prefer to have the invite friend function send an e-mail with the FROM - adress of the registered e-mail adress of the user so that I can check in the SMTP tool (e-mail header) which user SPAMs the world through my network. (Feature Request)
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sorry this is not possible without creating other issues.

Email providers uses many authentication methods like SPF (sender policy framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), basically the receiver mailserver check if the sender mailserver is allowed by domain. So with something like this then all invite email have a very high chance of ending up in spam.

Also, something like this may generate privacy issues, because the email of sender user is exposed.
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