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In the Easy Profile Menuitem Users List (Table) I can only sets 6 columns.
Can I change that to more columns?
admin Accepted Answer
unfortunately this is not possible from menu item options.

To do this you can use Joomla template override feature:
- copy files table.php and table_user.php from /components/com_jsn/views/list/tmpl/ to /templates/your-theme-folder/html/com_jsn/list/
- open new file table.php and add new columns header after line 106 like:
if($this->params->def('col5_enable', 0)) echo('<th>'.JText::_($this->params->def('col5_header', '')).'</th>');
if($this->params->def('col6_enable', 0)) echo('<th>'.JText::_($this->params->def('col6_header', '')).'</th>');
echo('<th>Column 7 title</th>');
echo('<th>Column 8 title</th>');
- open new file table_user.php and add the new columns data after line 136 like:

<!-- column 7 -->
<?php echo $this->user->getField('ALIAS_OF_THE_FIELD_TO_SHOW',true); ?>
<!-- column 8 -->
<?php echo $this->user->getField('ALIAS_OF_THE_FIELD_TO_SHOW',true); ?>

Something like this require a bit of HTML and PHP knowledges. We think that 6 columns are enough (to not break responsive views) however we always keep in mind the needs of our customers, how many columns do you need?
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pat01 Accepted Answer

I would need 10 Columns. It would be great if in menu item it is possible to add as many columns as desired ;)

Thank you.
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admin Accepted Answer
unfortunately this is not possible with a simple way, anyway if you need 10 columns then we can add missing columns in the next release.
Alternatively you can always change the behavior with template override like my example above.

It would be great if in menu item it is possible to add as many columns as desired
For now we will not implement something like this, because (leaving the problems on the responsive) Joomla versions until 3.8 does not have repeatable fields natively. So adding this feature for J3 when Joomla 4 is on the way it is an effort and a complication that we do not intend to do now. Instead when we will works to J4 version then we will can improve the menu item options with native repeatable fields.

NOTE: Of course the first goal in J4 version is to make all works good :D, so new features will be released after the first J4 version of Easy Profile
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