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I've installed Easy Profile 2.7.0 in a Joomla 3.9.6 version and a PHP 7.0.22 version. I use Acymaling 5.10.7 version and Tagepuser Plugin 3.7.0 version. The following message appears on the user registration page: "Tagepuser has a deprecated constructor in /usr/home/http://alumni.enti.cat/web/plugins/acymailing/tagepuser/tagepuser.php on line 13".

My question is: Is there a new version of your Easy Profile & Acymaling plugin? And, there is a another plugin in the Acyba website (https://www.acyba.com/acymailing/398-acymailing-plugin-easyprofile.html) called "Plugin Easy Profile". It does the same as your plugin?

Thank you in advance.


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It does the same as your plugin?
No, these are 2 different plugins that do same thing.

The following message appears on the user registration page

this is not a error or warning, this is only a deprecated notice. We recommend you to disable php options that display messages on frontend, in alternative you can disable all messages from Joomla administration->System->Global Configuration->Server->Error Reporting.

About our Tagepuser:
we have developed this plugin many years ago when there is not exists a integration with Acymailing. During these years our component has become quite popular and therefore the acymailing team have developed a own integration. So we recommend to use Acyba plugin instead our plugin.

Why we leave this plugin in our download area?
Because the Acyba plugin was available only in paid versions of acymailing, so we still offered a free alternative.

Why we does not upgrade the plugin now
Acyba Team plan to make a big upgrade of own products, and with Acymailing 6 (it is now available in beta version) the current plugin system will not works.
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jbruguera Accepted Answer

Thank you very much for your quick response. I've disabled the PHP error reporting on Joomla global configuration and I will replace your plugin with the Acymailing plugin.


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