1. peacetree
  2. Features Request
  3. Saturday, May 24 2014, 12:07 PM
In case you have time : )

What do you think about a tagging system similar to com_content of joomla.

That way it woud be super easy to tag users and display these tags in a module.
Clicking the tag will generate the userlist showing profiles that are also within that tag.
admin Accepted Answer
This is on our TODO list: read here

we tried to use the API of Joomla com_tags and in fact it was almost ready, unfortunately we stopped development due to two major problems:
- when you click on tag on profile you go into Joomla tag component page that not include users
- we do not find the time.

Maybe in the future we will.
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peacetree Accepted Answer
Well it would definitely be a killer feature to have!
I vote for it (if that makes it any faster to relase).
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peacetree Accepted Answer
Looking at the first customer request for tagging its 6 month back.
Are you REALY anticipating to release this?

Otherwise I might look at 3rd party components or custom development to do this.
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admin Accepted Answer
Are you REALY anticipating to release this?

No, I wrote "MAYBE in future" and "we stopped development".
for now we are concentrating on other things (many suggestions from you):
high - Bugs fixes
high - Social Network Plugin RC & Stable versions
low - add required conditions for fields
low - add language parameter on registration
low - conditions in Content Plugin
low - in search make field order for form
low - include user ID field as searchable field.
low - image and file in different location
low - image and file max size
low - Rule for image validation (all locations not only images/profiler)
low - Image field keep original
low - Image field keep aspect ratio
low - Step by Step registration
low - Login redirect based on user group and/or field value
low - Export users
low - Chat for Social Network plugin
low - Share with friends (photos,videos,topic,comments....) for Social Network plugin

NOTE: this is not a definitive list and we do not have a timeline to implement these features
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peacetree Accepted Answer
Sure, I understand you must be very busy and please dont misunderstand I am very happy and pleased with everything you do. I am only trying to push my points on the list (what I already successfuly did).

Ones again thank your for your support and rapid developments.
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admin Accepted Answer
please dont misunderstand

No problem,
it's just that my English sucks. Sometimes I look like a brutal ;)
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peacetree Accepted Answer
No worries, you dont. Just wanted to make sure you dont get me wrong.
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