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Is it somehow possible to set 3 different colors for PINS on the map, depending on the user group, or field (Type:select) chosen during the registration?

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sorry for late reply, it was a weekend.

This is not supported natively but it is possible with Joomla Template override feature:
- Copy file from /modules/mod_jsnmap/tmpl/default.php in folder /templates/your-theme-folder/html/mod_jsnmap/default.php (Read Note 2 below)
- Open the new new file anche change at line 117 this code (Read Note 3 below):
url: '<?php echo JURI::root(true).'/'.$user->getValue('avatar_mini'); ?>',
with something like this
url: '<?php 
if( $user->getValue('alias_of_select_field') == 'option1' ) echo '';
if( $user->getValue('alias_of_select_field') == 'option2' ) echo '';
if( $user->getValue('alias_of_select_field') == 'option3' ) echo '';

NOTE 1: this code is not tested and not supported, it is only for example purpose.
NOTE 2: you can use another name instead "default.php", for example "custom.php", in the module options you can choose the layout to use (see image 1)
NOTE 3: this code will change the image from avatar to something else based on the value of your select field, so to work you should set the module to show "Avatar" in "User Icon" setting.
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winsston Accepted Answer
Thanks, mate! You're excelsior!

One small problem, my pins are now shown boxed (because of NOTE 3, I suppose). Can you help to unbox it? :p
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admin Accepted Answer
in file /templates/your-theme-folder/html/mod_jsnmap/default.php at line 178 (Read Note Below) remove following CSS code
#markerLayer<?php echo $module->id; ?> img {
border: 2px solid <?php echo ($mapstyle=='dark' ? '#555' : 'white'); ?> !important;
border-radius: 4px;

NOTE: 178 is the line of the original file, probably in your file it will be something like line 183 due to your previous added code.
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winsston Accepted Answer
Marvelous! 10 000 thanks!
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