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Hi, i am testing easyprofile. Everything looks good. Before buying it, i have one question: I want to show only custom fields but no default fields like name or something like that. I want to use it as a register for picture rights. For example: Employee A allows pictures of him for facebook, internet, print and so on. Employee B only allows pictures of him in Intranet. So i created a usergroup "Bildrechte" and i only want to show user depending to this group. All others not.

I hope i can explain my conceptions?

Kind regards
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I'm sorry but I does not understand your purpose :(

Can you please explain me better?
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fchojinski Accepted Answer
ok, i will try.

1. I build a new usergroup, for example "Picture rights". Background: All of our employees must sign a paper to allow us to use their pictures for advertising purposes. Also these rights are divided so one can allow us to use his picture for all purposes, another can say he only allows us the use of his picture for e.g. Intranet, but not for Social media like facebook or instagramm. OK?

2. Now i want to build some custom fields (i know i habve to buy a version, in free it`s unpossible). Example:

Text Possible Values

Use Picture for Intranet yes / no
Use Picture for Print yes / no
Use Picture for Facebook yes / no
Use PÜicture in local newspaper yes / no

and so on.

3. Now a new marketing campaign starts. I want to do some advertise in a local newspaper and also in Facebook. I want to select those collegues, that allow this two ways (or to say it in other words: Facebook and Newspaper are set to Yes)

I need a list like this:

Selected: Allow Newspaper and Facebook

John Doe
Peter Paul
Frank Burton
Nancy Go

and so on

All of this comes necessary becaus of the new Data Protection Act. In former times people can only say yes or no for all.

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fchojinski Accepted Answer
Here is a part of the form for our employees where they can select.
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something like this seems possible, with search feature you can filter only user that match search results (in pro version you can also export the result in CSV format).

You can also create lists with a static filter (for example with Use Picture for Intranet:yes) with Custom SQL Where parameter.
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