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Hello.. i am looking at easy-profile for my client.
it looks exactly what where are looking for..

what i need is a option to get notified when users change there profile.
- Core joomla user fields and easy-profile fields..
i need to have a mail sent to one ore more people so the get notify of the change so the can register the info in other systems.
is this possible with easy-profile.

i see a old treat (2014) talking about a feature..

the download file is not availible.. and probely not working anymore with current joomla / easy-profile version.
johan-peters Accepted Answer
i want to use easy-profile for register al sporting club members with details of home, ICE, payment details, subscribtion details (read only, managed bij admin), ..
so privacy is importent.. that only the user can view and edit his/her details..
only appoved users (boardmembers sportingclub) access to the (ore some) information stored by the user.
notify on user update, email verify (opt-in) on change,
integration with Acymailing (subscribtion manage in profile tab).
option to have a nice page view of the users profile.. (option for print, generated PDF).

with the free version is see already a lot of my questions anwserd.. main question is mail notify on user update of joomla core and/or easy-profile fields)...
admin Accepted Answer
the download file is not availible
You can download it at them bottom of the page at

and probely not working anymore with current joomla / easy-profile version.
It should works

You can try this also in free version ;)

NOTE if you need to send an email to more than one recipients then you can use an Array, so code will be something like:
* @copyright Copyright (C) 2013 Jsn Project company. All rights reserved.
* @license GNU/GPL
* @package Easy Profile
* website
* Technical Support : Forum -

defined('_JEXEC') or die;

class PlgJsnSkeleton extends JPlugin
public function triggerProfileUpdate($user, $data, $changed, $isNew)
$user->email, // Sender Mail
$user->name, // Sender Name
array( '', '', '' ), // Receiver Mail
'Email Subject', // Subject Mail
$user->name.' updated user profile.' // Body Mail
johan-peters Accepted Answer
Hello... waauw.. create and fast response..
i am not a php developer.. so .. can you tell me where to put the code?..

will thise come availible in new releases of easy-profile so you can configure it in the easy-profile configuration / settings..
admin Accepted Answer
will thise come availible in new releases of easy-profile
No sorry, this will be not a native feature.
johan-peters Accepted Answer
can you give me instructions how to implement the notifymail..
i don't understand / know where to put the code etc..
admin Accepted Answer
- download, install and enable Skeleton plugin downloadable from
- replace content in file at /plugins/jsn/skeleton/skeleton.php with code in my above reply ;)
johan-peters Accepted Answer
okay.. thanks..
but after changing the skeleton.php with the code above.. i get error 500 on website.
johan-peters Accepted Answer
with de default skeleton.php en plugin enabled the site works..
but when i change skeleton.php.. than error 500..
admin Accepted Answer
try with this file attached (unzip first). The code is the same of my previous reply, but with copy/paste there is a charset issue
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johan-peters Accepted Answer
Yes.. tnkx.. that works.. but..
the mail does not contain the changes.. it states only that the profile is changed..
ot wat was changed..
old data - > new data
admin Accepted Answer
you can replace function "triggerProfileUpdate" with code at
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